Sod Installation

Installing the right sod makes all the difference. Stone Creek Landscaping can help you choose a grass that is drought tolerant and requires less watering. Because of our experience in the greater Triangle area, we understand the climate, soil type, and sod options. We will consult with you, and provide our recommendation for the right grass for your yard.

In the Triangle area, we often recommend the following sod types for installation:

  • Tifgrand BermudaBROCHURE | IMAGES isused frequently, because it is one of the most shade-tolerant choices among the warm season grasses. The Tifgrand Bermuda is also very dense and tolerant of heavy traffic, and has dense root systems tolerating drought well.
  • Zeon Zoysiagrass | BROCHURE | IMAGES provides the “wow” factor, with a bright green color. It has excellent shade tolerance, and a lower fertilizer requirement.
  • Tifway 419 | BROCHURE is a proven choice, with more than 50 years of history. It is used frequently for its durability in the face of traffic, drought, and wear.
  • Fescue| BROCHURE
  • ElToro| BROCHURE
  • Centipede| BROCHURE
  • What our Customers are Saying

    “Michael and his staff do a great job. He redid my yard with a heat tolerant grass and put in some magnolia's. He always makes sure the work has been done to his and the customers satisfaction when the work has been done by his crew.

    I had only one issue arise (as will happen any time you do a big job) and Michael took care of the matter swiftly and at no more cost to me.

    Give em a try! Don't think you'll be disappointed.”
    -SK Hale