Tip 6

Good aeration, soil improvement as needed and regular mowing and watering routine will help your grass become healthier and stay greener. The key to a green lawn is scheduled maintenance.

Professional Lawn Care Tips

It is essential to adopt a suitable mowing routine to keep your lawn in top condition. When to mow and how much you cut will have an effect. if you cut too much the lawn can become stressed and insufficient mowing will prevent the correct amount of water and sunlight from reaching the blades.

Tip 5

A factor that can have an effect on the color of your lawn is the condition of your soil. The correct pH level and texture will go a long way in keeping the grass healthy. We can attain this by proper fertilizing. The exact type depends on the type of soil, the type of problem and time of year.

Tip 4

Fertilizing increases growth, color, vigor, hardiness, thickens the grass and is an important part of our multi part lawn care process.

Tip 3

Weeds germinate and grow during all seasons of the year. Weed control products need to be used regularly just like a regular fertilizing schedule.

Tip 2

Watering your grass is an important step of the lawn care process.

Tip 1

Mowing grass at the proper height will look better, save water and money and help keep the grass alive by allowing a deeper root growth.